Speedwatch volunteers wanted in Riverhead

We all know excessive speed on the road kills. We need to reduce collisions and the severity of injury on our roads and improve the quality of live for local communities.

Speedwatch in Riverhead? Can you spare an hour or two of your time a week? If so we can together form a team of volunteers to establish our own Speedwatch scheme.

Are you concerned about speeding on the roads in Riverhead? We can do something about it!

Speedwatch schemes are run by the community for the community.

Speedwatch records the speed of vehicles who exceed the speed limit. This information is then sent to Kent Police and they contact the driver / registered owner with a letter of advice. Excessive speed and repeat offenders will be receive a police visit.

Contact the Caroline, the parish clerk in the first instance on 01732 461278 or clerk@riverheadparishcouncil.org.uk