The Parish Council comprises the following members:

Isabelle Mercer (Chair)     Clive Himsworth (Vice Chair)       Chris Kennett (Vice Chair)

Alan Colnet, Martin Denton, Irene Collins, Andrew Wood and Oliver Swanton

David Freedman has recently resigned from the Council and is especially thanked for his hard work in Riverhead Parkland. David’s involvement with the Parish Council preceded his appointment as a Councillor in March 2014 as he did the fundraising for the lions sculpture. Whilst on the council, David was instrumental in the design and implementation of the much appreciated dell area near the Brittains Lane. He continues to maintain it and is still litter picking on an almost daily basis!

Please contact Caroline, the Parish Clerk  if you are interested in becoming a councillor for Riverhead.

Parish Councillors interests can be viewed on the Sevenoaks District Council website via the following link register of interests