The Parish Council comprises the following members:


Irene Collins (Chair)     Clive Himsworth (Vice Chair)       Chris Kennett (Vice Chair)


     Alan Colnet                      Martin Denton                         Shirley Stewart                  Lucy Hooper          Ross Carmichael and Claire Brown

Andrew Wood, who did not stand for re-election on 2nd May 2019 is thanked for his hard work over the last 3 years. He was substantially involved in having Riverhead chosen to participate in the trial of the new LED style zebra crossing lights and initiated the liaison with a neighbouring parish which has led to the introduction of a SpeedWatch group in Riverhead. He was also the driving force behind the new Speed Indicator Device about to be rotated on London Road, Worships Hill and Amherst Hill. And his relationship with Miller and Carter has led to free parking for 10 local businesses, easing the pressure of commuter parking in Riverhead. Andrew was also a regular member of the Planning Committee responsible that reviews and all planning applications in Riverhead.

Please contact Caroline, the Parish Clerk  if you are interested in becoming a councillor for Riverhead.

Parish Councillors interests can be viewed on the Sevenoaks District Council website via the following link register of interests