Freight Action Plan Consultation

Dear Riverhead resident,

As your Parish Council we would like to bring your attention to the Freight Action Plan currently being updated by Kent County Council. The Plan explains measures KCC have already taken and intend to take to tackle the impact of road freight in the county.

Riverhead Parish Council is strongly opposed to any measures which, as a consequence, may increase the number of freight lorries travelling through Riverhead and we will continue to push for action which ultimately reduce those numbers.

The latest version of the Freight Action Plan outlines what KCC have already done and what they plan to do next to mitigate the negative impact of freight lorries, whilst still recognising the positive benefits to the economy. This is at a consultation stage with an opportunity for people and organisations within Kent to express their views, including the extent to which they agree with KCC’s actions and approach to freight issues.

The Plan outlines five major actions which are:

1. To tackle the problem of overnight lorry parking in Kent

2. To find a long term solution to Operation Stack

3. To effectively manage the routeing of HGV traffic to ensure that such movements remain on the strategic road network for as much of its journey as possible

4. To take steps to address the problems caused by freight traffic to communities

5. To ensure that KCC continues to make effective use of planning and development control powers to reduce the impact of freight traffic

Of particular concern to the Parish Council is that the current levels of freight traffic through Riverhead Village are completely unacceptable and already have a negative impact on the community and air quality. The Parish Council is also concerned about the potential consequences to the village of KCC’s plans to identify overnight lorry parks and our input into their Freight Journey Planner website. Lately we are concerned about the dangers posed to residents from large freight lorries and increased congestion due to the parking along the main A25 route at certain peak times. We are writing to KCC with our thoughts and concerns but would welcome your support.

The consultation will run for eight weeks until the 12th March 2017.

If you are concerned about the number of freight lorries impacting on our village Riverhead Parish Council would like to encourage you to read the document and make any comments within the consultation questionnaire, both of which can be found on the KCC website