Concerned about closure of Post Office in Riverhead?

Some of you will be aware that the Post Office, currently located in Londis, Riverhead, is due to close on the 2nd October. We are in contact with Michael Fallon MP to ask for his help to ensure another location can be found as soon as possible.

The Parish Council received notification from the Post Office suggesting that the closure is temporary until they find an alternative location. However, we are conscious of the challenges to finding alternative locations, and the Post Office are asking for any interested parties to contact them. We would also encourage any concerned residents to express their concerns via the following link:…/Riverhead%20TN13%202BJ%…

The contact details on the above link are:

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The more people that contact the Post Office to encourage them to find a new location the more likely it is to happen!

How to contact the Post Office:

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